Sur­vive an alien ocean as you search for your crashed ship

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While Sable has dom­i­nated the ‘in­spired by the French artist Moe­bius’ game chat since E3, Aqua­ma­rine has been gen­tly pot­ter­ing about, sport­ing its own take on the car­toon­ist’s aes­thetic. You, an un­named space trav­eller, have crash-landed on an ocean planet, and must sur­vive strange crea­tures and a sig­nif­i­cant lack of food while you try to re­cover your ship. In this tiny pre-al­pha demo of the rogue­like food is scarce—frus­trat­ingly so—but the crys­tals which you use to fuel your es­cape pod’s shields and move­ment seem abun­dant. As a re­sult I tend to starve to death, but with a full tank of fuel. My se­cond most com­mon demise is via the elec­tri­fied ten­ta­cles of a sort of wa­ter­d­welling duck-billed… cater­pil­lar? They like to fight me over crys­tals, so I try to use the turn-based move sys­tem to stay out of their way.

I know that de­vel­oper Moe­bial in­tends the full game to be a tac­ti­cal ex­pe­ri­ence, geared around col­lect­ing and man­ag­ing scarce re­sources, and dis­cov­er­ing the planet’s se­crets. In this su­per early build I haven’t been able to ex­plore far (partly be­cause of all the dy­ing), so I’m not sure how much of the ecosys­tem and planet is in place. But what I have seen so far is eye-catch­ing, and I keep find­ing my­self re­turn­ing to see if I can find a way to deeper waters.

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