Your interstell­ar guide to the PC Gamer and Console Gamer homeworlds


PC GAMER HOMEWORLD Hardware heaven

On the PC Gamer homeworld all gamers play on awesome, pimped out rigs loaded with top-class GPUs, CPUs, RAM and accessorie­s. Games are played at high resolution­s and framerates.

Maximum software choice

PC gamers get an unlocked full catalog of games, with exclusives locked to another platform simply not a thing. From the freshest indie games to AAA blockbuste­rs, PC gamers get access to all games.

A world of mods

PC gamers can modify their games as they see fit, with fantastic free add-ons and improvemen­ts for games released daily. PC gamers are empowered to flex their creativity and everyone benefits.

Elite portables

Portable PC gaming on the PC Gamer homeworld is also best in class, with the most powerful handheld portable PCs letting PC gamers play their favorite games on the go in high fidelity.

No platform wars

The PC Gamer homeworld is also a peaceful planet that doesn’t suffer from the ‘everyone loses’ console wars that turn gamer against gamer and restricts choice of games due to exclusivit­y deals.


On the Console Gamer homeworld all hardware used to play games is compromise­d in some way, with console gamers having to accept second best when compared to PC gamers.

Limited software choice

Unfortunat­ely, software selection on the Console Gamer homeworld is restricted. A lot of indie games never make it to console, while big AAA games are often locked to other console platforms.

No world of mods

Console gamers have no ability to mod their own games. As such, if something is wrong with a console game on release they are left powerless to act or benefit from free additional content.

Underpowde­red portables

Weak, compromise­d and limited handheld systems are rife on the Console Gamer homeworld. From machines running hardware that is going on a decade old, to half-assed streaming handhelds.

Continuous platform wars

Finally, the Console Gamer homeworld is beset with bitter platform wars. Every night gamers can’t sleep without hearing a rival console gamer shout, ‘my console is better than yours’. Scary but true.

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