Enjoy 1080p gaming without breaking the bank


B660M Pro RS ASRock $100

This is as cheap as we want to go while still offering room for expansion and upgrades down the line.

Core i5 13400F Intel $208

Intel’s added four more cores to its entry-level Core i5 and it’s become even more fantastic value.

GeForce RTX 4060 Nvidia $300

The cheapest way to score Nvidia’s latest gaming architectu­re and DLSS 3 support.

Laminar RM1 (included with CPU) Intel Free

There’s room for an upgrade here, but on a budget the included CPU will work just fine.

T-Force Vulkan Z 16GB Teamgroup $33

Goodbye 8GB, hello 16GB of speedy DDR4-3200.

Pure Power 12 M 550W Be Quiet! $95

We have to run a 550W PSU for the RTX 4060, as per Nvidia’s recommenda­tions.

WD Black SN770 500GB Western Digital $33

It’s finally time to ditch SATA and go for an NVMe drive even in a budget machine such as this.

WD Blue 1TB 7200rpm Western Digital $32 (not in budget)

You don’t need an HDD (we haven’t included it in the total cost) so feel free to cut this to save cash, but one sure helps with storage.




This Aerocool will let your components breathe and has space for further expansion and cooling.

Mobiuz EX240 BenQ $160

You can get an excellent gaming monitor for not a huge sum of cash nowadays, and this BenQ is our favourite on a budget.

KM250 RGB G.Skill $40

It’s actually mind blowing what you can pick up for this little cash: A hot-swappable mechanical board that looks lovely.

G203 Logitech $30

A classic shape delivered in a sleek shell, this mouse fits all hand sizes and grips.

HS55 Stereo Corsair $47

CorsaIr’s budget cans are comfy and have a surprising­ly excellent microphone for the money.

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