King­dom Come: De­liv­er­ance: This re­al­is­tic Skyrim ri­val is a true role-play­ing game

“Strange women ly­ing in ponds dis­tribut­ing swords is no ba­sis for a sys­tem of gov­ern­ment.”

PCWorld (USA) - - Reviews - BY HAYDEN DINGMAN

It was a triumphant mo­ment when I fi­nally bought a sword in King­dom Come: De­liv­er­ance. Here I was, Henry the black­smith’s son, one of the few sur­vivors of the at­tack that burned my home vil­lage of Skalitz to the ground, a man with lit­tle money and even fewer prospects, as­sis­tant to a C-tier lord in the Holy Ro­man Em­pire—and I could fi­nally af­ford my first sword. Not even a proper longsword, mind you, but some­thing called a “hunt­ing sword.” Still, I strapped it to my side with all the pride be­fit­ting a peas­ant who ever-soslightly in­creased his so­cial sta­tus in class­cen­tric Me­dieval Europe.

I bring it up be­cause it’s in­dica­tive how dif­fer­ent King­dom Come: De­liv­er­ance ($60 on Steam ( go.pc­ feels from other RPGS. There, you’re usu­ally the cho­sen one, des­tined to save the world. Here, I’m

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