How to erase spe­cific au­to­sug­gested URLS from Chrome, Fire­fox, and IE

Clear the cruft from your browser’s ad­dress bar.

PCWorld (USA) - - Here’s How - BY IAN PAUL

Abig part of my job is do­ing re­search on­line. That means from time to time the au­to­com­plete func­tion ( go. in my browser’s ad­dress bar gets filled with mistyped URLS and sites I vis­ited once but never will again. If you’ve ever spent a bor­ing night surf­ing around the web chances are your browser’s au­to­sug­gest func­tion tosses up sim­i­lar

un­wanted ghosts.

Eras­ing all au­to­sug­gested URLS from your browser is easy, but it would slow you down even more than a few bad sug­ges­tions. Delet­ing just the un­wanted URLS, how­ever, re­ally stream­lines the brows­ing ex­pe­ri­ence. Here’s how to dump the an­noy­ing ad­dresses while keep­ing all the good stuff in Chrome, Fire­fox, In­ter­net Ex­plorer, and Opera.

Over the Christ­mas hol­i­days ev­ery year, I spend a lot of time re­search­ing the var­i­ous on­line Santa track­ers for our an­nual roundup ( Way back when that ar­ti­cle was first pub­lished, I vis­ited Google’s Santa site so many times that Chrome au­to­mat­i­cally sug­gested I go to San­ta­land ev­ery time I typed in— even though the Santa tracker URL has since changed.

To delete a sin­gle au­to­sug­gested URL, start typ­ing the ad­dress as you nor­mally would— in my ex­am­ple. Then, when the un­wanted au­to­com­plete sug­ges­tion ap­pears, use your key­board’s ar­row keys to high­light the sug­ges­tion in the drop-down menu be­low the ad­dress bar.

Fi­nally, press Shift-delete and poof! The sug­ges­tion dis­ap­pears. Good rid­dance Santa…at least un­til next Christ­mas.


The same con­cept you use to delete au­to­com­plete sug­ges­tions in Chrome also ap­plies to Fire­fox. Start typ­ing the URL and then high­light the mistyped URL in the drop-down menu when it comes up. But in­stead of press­ing Shift-delete as we did in Chrome, press the Delete but­ton to scrub the er­rant en­try. In the lat­est ver­sions of Fire­fox when you delete a high­lighted en­try it still re­mains in the ad­dress bar, but you can get rid of it with a high­light and backspace.


There’s no re­li­able way to scrub au­to­sug­gested URLS from Mi­crosoft Edge, but In­ter­net Ex­plorer’s au­to­com­plete scrub­bing works. When you high­light an ad­dress in the drop-down menu, you’ll see an X on the far right side. Click that X and it’s gone.

Again with IE as with Fire­fox, the bad sug­ges­tion leaves the drop-down menu but re­mains in the ad­dress bar, re­quir­ing man­ual dele­tion.


Opera’s method of delet­ing URLS is very sim­i­lar to In­ter­net Ex­plorer’s. High­light the URL in the ad­dress bar and look for an X to the far right. Click that, and the URL will be erased.

In Opera this method works only for sites in your his­tory. It won’t in­clude sug­ges­tions drawn from your fa­vorites or sug­ges­tions pulled from your de­fault search en­gine.

Just like most of the other browsers, the sug­ges­tion will re­main in the ad­dress bar af­ter you delete it from the drop-down, but a quick high­light and backspace will get rid of it for­ever.

There you have it! A sim­ple way to make your pre­ferred browsers a lit­tle eas­ier to use, es­pe­cially if you’re prone to mistyp­ing.

Say­onara, Santa.

Time to get rid of Santa.

Delet­ing URLS in Opera’s his­tory is sim­i­lar to In­ter­net Ex­plorer.

Delete Fire­fox URLS with the tap of a but­ton.

In­ter­net Ex­plorer also lets you scrub sin­gu­lar URLS with a sim­ple mouse click.

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