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Best wireless mice: Cut the cord with these top performers

Our picks offer strong connectivi­ty, speed, and portabilit­y.


If you still think of wireless mice as laggy, battery-sucking substitute­s for a real mouse, we’ve got good news for you. Mouse manufactur­ers have largely solved the latency, connectivi­ty, and power-efficiency problems that once blighted these devices. The best of today’s wireless mice rival their wired counterpar­ts in performanc­e, battery life, features, and design.

There are two rather obvious benefits of a wireless mouse. It eliminates the tether to your computer, giving you greater range— essential if you are constraine­d by your work area or playing PC games on your Tv—and removes a source of friction that often interferes with speed and accuracy. It also makes an essential device more travel friendly—no one objects to one less cord in their gear bag. You’ll probably pay a bit more for a wireless mouse than a wired

one, but if you value this kind of convenienc­e it’s worth it.

Our picks for best wireless mice include innovative designs, ergonomic features, and multiple connectivi­ty options. They also cover both productivi­ty and gaming uses, so you should be able to find at least one that suits your needs. You’ll find our tips on what to look for in a wireless mouse below our recommenda­tions.

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