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If you have a history of mouse-related hand and arm discomfort, the MX vertical is a great option. Its upright position and contoured body puts your arm at about a 57-degree vertical angle, reducing the pressure on your wrist and creating a comfortabl­e thumb rest.

Despite the unconventi­onal design, the mouse still offers familiar controls with split mouse buttons, a scroll wheel aligned to your first two fingers, and a pair of thumb buttons on the adjacent side.

The mouse supports Logitech’s Unified Receiver and Bluetooth connection­s. You can also wire it to your computer using the USB-C charging cable. You can use it with Logitech Options to customize button settings and with Logitech Flow to seamlessly control multiple computers with a single mouse.

The MX Veritcal is a high-performing productivi­ty tool once you get acclimated to the vertical design, and one that may prevent pain and strain as well as ease them.

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