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Samsung just can’t quit foldable phones: Meet the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3

Samsung keeps iterating on its foldable phone lineup with better raw specs, S Pen support, and increased durability.


Samsung has a fever, and the only prescripti­on is—more foldable phones. The biggest name in Android phones has announced the third generation of its foldable Galaxy smartphone­s: the Galaxy Z Fold3 ( go. pcworld.com/gzf3), a flagship model that opens like a book, and the smaller Z Flip3 ( go.pcworld.com/zfl3), a less expensive model that opens vertically and hearkens back to the flip phones of the early 2000s.

Both phones include new features to improve durability, which may help mitigate public perception that foldable phones just

can’t withstand the rigors of, well…repeated, incessant folding. And you’re going to want a sturdier phone, given Samsung’s price tags: $1,800 for the Galaxy Z Fold3 and $1,000 for the Galaxy Z Flip3. Preorders run through August 26, and if you do take the plunge before then, you can get $200 or $150 off each model, respective­ly.


The Z Fold3 comes with S Pen support, and with its expansive 7.6-inch, 2208x1768 main display, it directly targets the Galaxy Note audience, which won’t be getting a new model this year and may now be looking for a new productivi­ty experience. The phone’s Dynamic AMOLED cover screen (which you use when the Z Fold3 is folded up) is a no-excuses 6.2 inches with 2268x832 resolution and 120Hz refresh rate for ultrafluid screen response.

Anyone looking to buy the expensive Z Fold3 must have both deep pockets and big pockets, as this big boy is 6.2 inches tall and 0.6 inches thick when folded. As a point of comparison, the iphone 12 Pro Max is about a quarter-inch thick.

Both the Fold3 and the Flip3 promise a new level of durability thanks to IPX8 water resistance; a new Armor Aluminum constructi­on (“the strongest aluminum ever used on a Galaxy smartphone”); and Gorilla Glass Victus ( go.pcworld.com/ggvc), Corning’s strong phone glass ever. The phones also come with a new protective film made of stretchabl­e PET, and Samsung promises the new folding screens are 80 percent more durable than what came in previous folding-phone generation­s.

Even with the Z Fold3 folded up like a traditiona­l phone, you’ll have access to three rear cameras: an Ultra Wide (12-megapixel, 123-degree field of view); a Wide Angle (12-megapixel with 83-degree field of view, dual-pixel autofocus, and optical image stabilizat­ion); and a Telephoto (12-megapixel with a 45-degree field of view and dual optical image stabilizat­ion). At the front of the

folded phone is a 10-megapixel camera with an 80-degree field of view.

When the phone is in its unfolded, tablet-like state, you’ll also get a 4-megapixel camera with an 80-degree field of view for video calls. The reason for the lower resolution is because the camera is Samsung’s first to fit under the display. While it’s a neat effect that creates an unobstruct­ed view when using the tablet, you’ll still see the camera peeking through from under the screen in some lighting.

5G is standard on both models, and the Z Fold3 has 12GB of RAM and either 256GB or 512GB of storage. Samsung is being vague about the two phones’ processors, but you can rightly assume it’s using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 in the U.S.


The smaller Z Flip3 may be the more intriguing propositio­n, as the modernized flip-phone design offers generous screen real estate and should fit reasonably well in today’s ridiculous­ly undersized jeans pockets. Folded up, it’s a porky 0.75 inch thick, but only 3.4 inches tall. Your pocket will protrude a lot, but you’ll actually be able to sit down.

The whimsical Z Flip3 comes in Cream, Green, Lavender, Pink, and White, and features a 1.9-inch Super AMOLED cover display that’s four times larger than that of the previous Galaxy Flip generation. You can use the wee display to view notificati­ons, texts messages, and various widgets designed for the small form factor. The main screen is 6.7 inches with a 2640x1080 resolution—not too shabby for a phone that’s smaller than an Altoids box when folded up.

The Z Flip3 has a more sober array of cameras. The front selfie cam is 10-megapixel with an 80-degree field of view. On the back, there’s a 12-megapixel Ultra Wide with a 123-degree field of view and a 12-megapixel Wide-angle with a 78-degree field of view, dual-pixel autofocus, and optical image stabilizat­ion.

 ??  ??
 ??  ?? The Z Fold3 offers a tablet-like experience, thanks to a 7.6-inch, 2208x1768, 120Hz display.
The Z Fold3 offers a tablet-like experience, thanks to a 7.6-inch, 2208x1768, 120Hz display.
 ??  ?? Unfolded, the Galaxy Z Flip3 is 72mm by 166mm by 7mm, and boasts a 6.7-inch, 120Hz, 2640x1080 display.
Unfolded, the Galaxy Z Flip3 is 72mm by 166mm by 7mm, and boasts a 6.7-inch, 120Hz, 2640x1080 display.

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