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Get Office 365 on the cheap

With a little foresight, you can always manage to get Microsoft’s Office subscripti­on at a deep discount.


Even at its list price of $70 per year, a personal subscripti­on to Microsoft 365—or Office 365, as it used to be called—is one of the better deals in tech.

That subscripti­on gets you full access to Microsoft’s Office suite along with 1TB of Onedrive cloud storage. I’ve been a mostly satisfied subscriber for years, partly for the Office software, though mainly to access my photos, documents, and personal music library from any device.

But part of that satisfacti­on comes from never paying full price in the first place. Instead, I’ve made a point of buying Office 365 discount codes on ebay, using them to renew my subscripti­on in one-year increments. These codes are often found on sale for as little as $45, and they have been readily available every time I’ve checked.

(Here’s one example of such a discount [ fave. co/3kj6km4].)


To find these Office 365 discount codes, just search for Office 365 Personal ( fave. co/3hzwn4k) and look for listings that offer a one-year or 12-month subscripti­on. Make sure that listing includes a picture of the product advertisin­g a one-year subscripti­on for one person, and that the seller has a large number of positive feedback ratings.

Alternativ­ely, if you’re looking for a family subscripti­on, search for Office 365 Home Premium ( fave.co/3hzwn4k) instead. These tend to be a bit pricier but allow up to six family members to each have their own 1 TB of Onedrive storage.

A couple words of warning:

• Do not, under any circumstan­ce, purchase a “lifetime” subscripti­on to Office 365, no matter how low the price is. These likely come from unscrupulo­us sellers distributi­ng shared or stolen accounts, and even if they work, you won’t be able to use them with your existing Microsoft account.

• Avoid buying from internatio­nal sellers, and watch out for the shipping price. Some sellers tack on a shipping fee.

Once you place the order, you should receive a physical card in the mail containing a code that you can redeem on Microsoft’s Office setup site ( fave.co/3ogzgrd). Sign into your Microsoft account on that site and apply the code. If you already have an active subscripti­on, Microsoft will simply push back your renewal date by 12 months.

During this process, Microsoft might also offer you a bonus month if you turn on autorenew; you can turn it back off right after signing up and still get the extra month tacked on. Just remember to repeat this process once per year and you should be able to enjoy Microsoft 365 at a deep discount for years to come.

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 ?? ?? Make sure you’re getting a one-year subscripti­on and look for a strong seller reputation when buying Office 365 subscripti­ons on ebay.
Make sure you’re getting a one-year subscripti­on and look for a strong seller reputation when buying Office 365 subscripti­ons on ebay.

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