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Mozilla Firefox locks its browser’s cookie jar

Total Cookie Protection is being deployed today for all Firefox users, and is on by default.


On Tuesday, Mozilla and its Firefox browser announced Total Cookie Protection, a powerful way for Firefox to preserve your privacy while allowing websites to recognize you and provide customized experience­s.

Total Cookie Protection is rolling out to all Firefox users worldwide, the company announced on Tuesday ( fave.co/3xchpa5). It will be on by default.

Here’s how Total Cookie Protection works: Websites place cookies in your browser, small identifyin­g bits of code that

allow the website to “know” that your browser represents you, a unique individual. But those websites can also track you across the web, either by reading the contents of other cookies stored within your browser or by using other sites to host the site’s code—such as in the code used by a website’s comments system, for example. Either way, those sites use that informatio­n to build a profile of who you are and what you do on the web, and they rely on that to show you advertisin­g.

Mozilla said Tuesday that it recognizes a website may want to identify you as you, either to log you in or to show you a customized experience. But what Mozilla and Firefox will not do, via Trusted Cookie Protection, is allow those cookies to be read by other websites. Trusted Cookie Protection essentiall­y builds a separate “cookie jar” for each site, and only for that site.

“This approach strikes the balance between eliminatin­g the worst privacy properties of third-party cookies—in particular the ability to track you—and allowing those cookies to fulfill their less invasive use cases (e.g. to provide accurate analytics),” Mozilla wrote. “With Total Cookie Protection in Firefox, people can enjoy better privacy and have the great browsing experience they’ve come to expect.”

Firefox continues to be ranked highly among Pcworld’s best browsers ( fave. co/3dopmn4) due to its strong privacy protection­s, and Total Cookie Protection should only continue that trend.

 ?? ?? Here’s how Total Cookie Protection works, according to Mozilla.
Here’s how Total Cookie Protection works, according to Mozilla.

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