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Even though Windscribe isn’t at the top of any of our other best VPN lists, we really like this service. It has good speeds and a nice free offering.

Usage is limited to 2GB per month, which is pretty good for everyday web browsing. It won’t be as good for streaming at 1080p or higher—you’d max out your bandwidth in less than an hour. You get 14 virtual locations to

choose from, but not any of the Netflix streaming specialty servers. Free users can also use Windscribe’s ad-blocking features, which includes a number of helpful additions like dismissing all those cookie notificati­on banners (not on by default), as well as blocking social networking widgets and buttons (also not on by default). You don’t have to give Windscribe your email address, but you do need to create an account with a username and password. The downside is you’ll need to remember them both as there will be no hope of account recovery without an email address.

 ?? ?? An example of Windscribe’s Secure.link splash page.
An example of Windscribe’s Secure.link splash page.
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