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>> How a silver lining forms


>> It starts at sea.

>> Tropical waters heat up.

>> Warm air soars skyward.

>> Cold air rushes to the void.

>> Cold air warms up.

>> Cycle repeats.

>> Faster and faster—a 50,000 foot engine of air. >> At seventy four miles per hour it earns a name. >> Harvey, Irma, Katrina.

>> Then landfall.

>> Roads rendered useless.

>> Buildings destroyed.

>> Families stranded.

>> But for a brief moment,

>> A silver lining appears.

>> People see neighbors instead of strangers.

>> And labels that divide are forgotten.

>> But when rains ease,

>> when clouds part,

>> silver linings need not fade.

>> Let’s embrace our shared humanity. >> Let’s connect with one another. >> Let’s find our love for each other. >> Every single day.

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