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The best ultraporta­bles: Best overall, best battery life, and more

It’s important to travel light.


If portabilit­y is a top priority of yours, then investing in an ultraporta­ble laptop is the way to go. These laptops are exceedingl­y thin and lightweigh­t, and generally have good battery life. However, while they may share certain essential characteri­stics, ultraporta­bles can still differ greatly. From the parts they use to the trade-offs they make to achieve ultraporta­bility, to the build quality, it’s important to know what mix of features makes the best ultraporta­ble laptops.

Battery life, ergonomics, and specs are all worthy of considerat­ion. Basically, the laptop needs to perform well and travel easily. But if you’re feeling overwhelme­d by all the choices out there, don’t sweat it, as we’ve done most of the heavy lifting for you. See our recommenda­tions for the ultraporta­bles that our expert reviewers have deemed best.

For even more buying recommenda­tions, see our roundup of the best laptops ( fave. co/3ql4ohf), which covers the full range of laptop sizes, prices, and purposes.

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