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A lot can change in 40 years.


PCworld made its debut in early 1983, hitting the streets as a 310page magazine brimming with essential informatio­n about IBM PCS, the long-forgotten CP/M operating system, and a 5MB hard disk that cost a cool $1,995 (or nearly $6,000 in today’s dollars). It was truly a different era.

Things changed. Pcworld was there to guide you through it. We covered the clunky debut of Windows 1.0. When Tim Berners-lee invented HTML in 1989, followed by the World Wide Web a year later, we explained why it mattered. Pcworld chronicled the introducti­on of graphical browsers, of Dell, of video cards, of the iphone, of Usb—and several hysterical hype cycles proclaimin­g the death of the PC at the hand of whatever the new hotness of the time was. Ha.

The PC didn’t die and you’re holding the 40th Anniversar­y Edition of Pcworld magazine in your hands. We’re digital instead of print now. (Things change!) But our central focus remains as relentless today as it was in 1983. This issue is jam-packed with no-nons sense news, r reviews, and tips to h help you navigate t the confusing f fast-paced world of t technology and c coax the most out of y your computer—just l like the very first o one. I grew up r reading Pcworld a and wouldn’t have it a any other way.

Because the m more things c change, the more t they remain the s same, as the saying g goes. My deepest a and heartiest thanks goes out to you, fellow PC nerd, for joining us on this journey, and to every alum who contribute­d to Pcworld’s long history. Here’s to 40 more.

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