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If your kids love Roblox, check their browser for this malware

The popular Searchblox Chrome extension appears to be harvesting user data for potential digital theft.


The latest high-profile heist of valuable digital currency has nothing to do with Bitcoin or Ethereum. Nope, this time thieves are stealing currency and assets from Roblox players. Roblox is a massively popular kid’s game platform that has a disturbing amount of real money trading hands, and it’s become the target of a series of Chrome extensions hiding malware.

According to Bleeping computer ( fave.CO/3VZ3ZNZ), at least two extensions posted to the official Chrome Web Store were fronts for a backdoor program that gathers a Roblox player’s user info and potentiall­y makes them a target for hacking, especially if they’re also a

user of the third-party Rolimons.com currency trading system.

The Searchblox extensions claim to allow you to search quickly for other users, and were apparently legitimate at some point, but have been compromise­d last fall. While one of the extensions has been downloaded less than a thousand times, the other has more than 200,000 installati­ons. There’s circumstan­tial evidence that one or more people are stealing Roblox currency with the data gathered by the hidden backdoor.

At the time of writing, both Searchblox extensions are still live in the Chrome Web Store, with the primary listing enjoying a “Featured” badge. This is despite the fact that Google culled similar compromise­d extensions just last month.

As always, you should be wary of third-party browser extensions, and check their updates to make sure they haven’t been injected with unnecessar­y or malicious code. And on a bit of a tangent, if you’re letting your children play Roblox, you might want to take a closer look at its monetizati­on and labor issues ( fave.co/3huqunp)— Minecraft might be a more kid-friendly choice.

Note: Shortly after this article was published, Google removed both Searchblox extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

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 ?? ?? Roblox is hugely popular with kids.
Roblox is hugely popular with kids.
 ?? ?? Parents concerned about ethics may want to opt for Minecraft instead.
Parents concerned about ethics may want to opt for Minecraft instead.

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