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The Alienware AW3423DWF is a legendary monitor. It packs the incredible contrast and realism of OLED in a 34-inch widescreen panel, yet it’s priced at just $1,099. That’s not inexpensiv­e, but it’s better value than other OLED monitors available right now.

Image quality is where it stands out. It delivers a vivid, immersive, rich experience with deep black levels and bright highlights, which are enhanced by the display’s glossy finish. Movies and games seem nearly threedimen­sional—as if you’re looking through a window, not staring at a monitor.

What’s the catch? The monitor is not bright, especially in SDR, so it’s a bad choice for a brightly lit room. We also noticed the OLED panel has trouble rendering small fonts smoothly. These are minor issues, though, and they shouldn’t trouble most users.

This monitor targets gamers, so it offers an enhanced refresh rate of up to 165Hz and supports AMD Freesync Premium Pro for smooth frame pacing in games. However, its excellent image quality will be impressive in everyday uses as well.

It has good connectivi­ty, with two Displaypor­t inputs and one HDMI, as well as a USB-A hub with four ports. There’s even a healthy range of calibratio­n options that helps demanding owners dial in the image to their personal specificat­ions.

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