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The Asus Proart PA348CV surpassed our expectatio­ns. Priced at just $729.99, it’s toward the low end of pricing for a profession­al ultrawide display—yet its performanc­e is near the top of the pack.

This monitor has a wide color gamut, excellent color accuracy, and a virtual buffet of image-quality calibratio­n features that let users precisely tune the image. It’s also a bright and vivid

monitor, making it easy to use in nearly any office. Admittedly, it doesn’t set any records in image quality tests—but it ties with or comes close to alternativ­es that are hundreds of dollars more expensive.

Asus throws in a useful USB-C port that supports Displaypor­t Alternate Mode and delivers 90 watts of USB Power Delivery. It also drives a USB-A hub with four downstream ports. Additional video connectivi­ty includes two HDMI and one Displaypor­t for a total of four input options.

Surprising­ly, Asus throws in an enhanced refresh rate up to 120Hz. It’s not sold as a gaming monitor, but it can handle gaming well enough. That’s good news if you need one home office monitor for both work and play.

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