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On­ce Ch­ris­ti­na Milian found out that she had lan­ded a co­ve­ted ro­le on the 50 Cent­pro­du­ced hit The Oath, she quickly had to get in­to the mind­set of a po­li­ce of­fi­cer stradd­ling the line bet­ween the law and co­rrup­tion. “I wor­ked out every day and ran on the tread­mill.”

As for the cast and crew, Ch­ris­ti­na ex­plains they ac­cep­ted her “right out of the ga­te. They really em­bra­ced me.” So­me of Ch­ris­ti­na’s fa­vo­ri­te mo­ments are cap­tu­red he­re. The Oath

Al­ways ca­me­ra-ready. 3,2,1— Ac­tion! Ch­ris­ti­na Milian and Ryan Kwan­ten. Group shot with Cory Har­drict, Cur­tis “50 Cent” Jack­son, Ka­tri­na Law, Sebastián Zurita and Isaac Keys Ch­ris­ti­na seen pa­tro­lling the mean streets of Me­tro County. Crew lo­ve! cast. Break ti­me! Get­ting sun kis­sed. Behind the sce­nes with Uni­que Cheat­ham and Ch­ris­ti­na Milian. A na­tu­ral ex­plo­rer!

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