New baby, new nest.

With their first child due this spring, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are leav­ing the con­fines of Kens­ing­ton Palace for a coun­try home—frog­more Cot­tage on the Wind­sor Estate, about 25 miles west of Lon­don. The big move, which the cou­ple’s of­fice con­firmed to Peo­ple on Nov. 24, marks a fur­ther sep­a­ra­tion be­tween the ex­pec­tant par­ents and Prince Wil­liam and Princess Kate. The two cou­ples, who have been liv­ing as neigh­bors at Kens­ing­ton Palace, are also plan­ning to split their busi­ness of­fices

in the com­ing months.

Al­though the changes have sparked ru­mors of ten­sions, in­sid­ers point to a nat­u­ral evo­lu­tion of the brothers’ dy­namic now that they are both mar­ried with their own fam­i­lies. While Wil­liam, 36, as the heir to the throne, must main­tain a home base in Lon­don, Harry, 34, has more lat­i­tude to es­cape the pres­sure of the city for a more re­laxed home en­vi­ron­ment. “Harry feels very im­pris­oned at Kens­ing­ton Palace,” says royal bi­og­ra­pher In­grid Se­ward, au­thor of My Hus­band and I—and has told friends as much. “He can’t wait to get out.”

The move to Frog­more Cot­tage—a fixer-up­per that sits just north of the grander Frog­more House, where Meghan and Harry held their evening wed­ding party in May—of­fers a quiet set­ting for the new fam­ily. Al­though some had pointed to­ward Apart­ment 1 at Kens­ing­ton Palace—right next to Wil­liam and Kate’s fam­ily base—as a pos­si­ble new home, it would need “con­sid­er­able, lengthy re­fur­bish­ment,” says a royal source. Wind­sor has “more space for chil­dren” and holds a “spe­cial place in their hearts,” the source adds. Meghan and Harry’s cot­tage is, how­ever, un­der­go­ing ex­ten­sive work to con­vert the five sep­a­rate staff quar­ters to a mod­ern home com­plete with nurs­ery—and space for Meghan’s mom, Do­ria Ragland, to visit. (Con­trary to some re­ports, she is not mov­ing to the U.K. per­ma­nently.) “It’s pretty di­lap­i­dated now,” says Se­ward, and the cou­ple have al­ready put in plans to freshen the land­scap­ing. The news of the move broke just as Meghan stepped out for her lat­est solo out­ing—this time for one of her fa­vorite projects, the Hubb Com­mu­nity Kitchen in Lon­don, which in­spired her best­selling char­ity cook­book in sup­port of sur­vivors of the Gren­fell Tower tragedy. “For what you did for us, Al­lah will give you a baby,” Int­lak Al­saiegh, one of those in­volved in the kitchen, told Meghan a few months ago. When she re­turned on Nov. 21 to tie on an apron and cook along­side the women, “She said, ‘I’m so happy,’ ” says Al­saiegh. The move is sched­uled for the New Year—with at least one big or­der of busi­ness: mak­ing sure the kitchen is up to the foodie duchess’s stan­dards.


Kens­ing­ton Palace (left) and Frog­more Cot­tage (right).

Sep­a­rate Ways Wil­liam, Harry, Meghan and Kate came to­gether for a Re­mem­brance Ser­vice on Nov. 11.

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