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Anguish—and Renewed Pleas for Change—after a Fatal Traffic Stop

Yet another unarmed Black man is killed by a police officer in Minneapoli­s, sparking more protests nationwide


Daunte Wright, 20, was driving with his girlfriend in Brooklyn Center, Minn., a suburb of

Minneapoli­s, on April 11 when he was pulled over by police. He called his mom, Katie Wright, she later told reporters, to let her know he was being stopped and to ask for his insurance informatio­n.

While Katie waited to give authoritie­s the details over the phone, she says police asked her son to get out of the car and turn off his phone. Seconds later, officer Kim Potter, a 26year police veteran who is white, shot Daunte in the chest as he climbed back into his car while she was attempting to arrest him for an outstandin­g warrant. An injured Daunte sped off but crashed several blocks away; he was pronounced dead at the scene. The fatal shooting took place just blocks from the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin, charged in the May 25, 2020, death of George Floyd. Protesters again took to the streets by the hundreds. Meanwhile, Potter, 48, was arrested and charged with seconddegr­ee manslaught­er; she has not entered a plea and has been released on bond. “I know my son was scared,” Katie told Good Morning America. “He just had his whole life taken away from him, and we had our hearts pulled out of our chests.”


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