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A Teen Mom & Baby Missing


Being a teen mom wasn’t easy for


16-year-old Genesis

Fuentes, but she was keeping up with her high school classes—still online due to COVID precaution­s— and was happy her mom, Lucy Molina, 49, was helping care for baby Melody, born Dec. 10, 2020. “Genesis is a good kid, and I would stay up at night to help her with the baby, to make sure she does her school,” says Molina. “She was nervous—she’s so young. But she was happy.” On Feb. 11, 2021, as Genesis and the baby waited in the car, Molina went into a drugstore to pick up Tylenol for Melody, who had just had her first immunizati­ons. Another car pulled up; her daughter and granddaugh­ter disappeare­d into it. Though part of the incident was captured on surveillan­ce video,

Molina says, police did not issue an Amber Alert, a decision she doesn’t understand. Authoritie­s say the case “is being investigat­ed as a missing person and the investigat­ion is active and ongoing.” Molina suspects Genesis could be with Melody’s father, but the teen is no longer attending school and has not confirmed that she and her now 4-month-old are safe. “Somebody snagged her,” says Molina. “I love her. I want her back.” Call police at 215-686-8477 with informatio­n.

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