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Gorsuch gets laughs at his first Supreme Court argument

- By Michael Doyle

McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON — Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch came out swinging Monday in an inaugural oral argument that was seen as showing the rookie conservati­ve’s considerab­le self-confidence — and some of his judicial inclinatio­ns.

It was the first time in more than 14 months in which nine justices heard arguments at the Supreme Court.

He was an exceptiona­lly active questioner, displaying an easy familiarit­y with the issues in the three minor and technical cases before the court. He asked crisp and colloquial questions, and he kept asking them if he did not find the lawyers’ answers satisfacto­ry.

The first case before the justices involved a procedural issue in a federal worker’s employment discrimina­tion claim.

Justice Gorsuch asked lawyer Christophe­r Landau four questions in a row, saying he was “sorry for taking up so much time.”

Displaying a seamless blend of preparatio­n, persistenc­e and humor, Justice Gorsuch immediatel­y cast himself into the center of a highly technical case.

Over the course of an hour, Justice Gorsuch’s performanc­e

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