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Why Viagra Is Failing Men

Soaring demand expected for new scientific advance made just for older men. Works on both men’s physical ability and their desire in bed.


By Harlan S. Waxman Health News Syndicate

New York – If you’re like the rest of us guys over 50; you probably already know the truth… Prescripti­on ED pills don’t work! Simply getting an erection doesn’t fix the problem” says Dr. Bassam Damaj, chief scientific officer at the world famous Innovus Pharma Laboratori­es.

As we get older, we need more help in bed. Not only does our desire fade; but erections can be soft or feeble, one of the main complaints with prescripti­on pills. Besides, they’re expensive… costing as much as $50.00 each

Plus, it does nothing to stimulate your brain to want sex. “I don’t care what you take, if you aren’t interested in sex, you can’t get or keep an erection. It’s physiologi­cally impossible,” said Dr. Damaj.


But now, for the first time ever, there’s a pill made just for older men. It’s called Vesele ® . A new pill that helps you get an erection by stimulatin­g your body and your brainwaves. So Vesele ® can work even when nothing else worked before.

The new men’s pill is not a drug. It’s something completely different

Because you don’t need a prescripti­on for Vesele ® , sales are exploding. The maker just can’t produce enough of it to keep up with demand. Even doctors are having a tough time getting their hands on it. So what’s all the fuss about?


The new formula takes on erectile problems with a whole new twist. It doesn’t just address the physical problems of getting older; it works on the mental part of sex too. Unlike the expensive prescripti­ons, the new pill stimulates your sexual brain chemistry as well. Actually helping you regain the passion and burning desire you had for your partner again. So you will want sex with the hunger and stamina of a 25-year-old.


Vesele takes off where Viagra ® only begins. Thanks to a discovery made by 3 Nobel-Prize winning scientists; Vesele ® has become the first ever patented supplement to harden you and your libido. So you regain your desire as well as the ability to act on it.

In a 16-week clinical study; scientists from the U.S.A. joined forces to prove Nitric Oxide’s effects on the cardio vascular system. They showed that Nitric Oxide could not only increase your ability to get an erection, it would also work on your brainwaves to stimulate your desire for sex. The results were remarkable and published in the world’s most respected medical journals.


The study asked men, 45 to 65 years old to take the main ingredient in Vesele ® once a day. Then they were instructed not to change the way they eat or exercise but to take Vesele ® twice a day. What happened next was remarkable. Virtually every man in the study who took Vesele® twice a day reported a huge difference in their desire for sex. In layman’s terms, they were horny again. They also experience­d harder erections that lasted for almost 20 minutes. The placebo controlled group (who received sugar pills) mostly saw no difference.

AN UNEXPECTED BONUS: The study results even showed an impressive increase in the energy, brain-power and memory of the participan­ts.


“Once we saw the results we knew we had a game-changer said Dr. Damaj. We get hundreds of calls a day from people begging us for a bottle. It’s been crazy. We try to meet the crushing demand for Vesele ® .” •


“As an expert in the developmen­t of sexual

dysfunctio­n, I’ve studied the effectiven­ess of Nitric Oxide on the body and the brain. I’m impressed by the way it increases cerebral and penile blood flow. The result is evident in the creation of Vesele®. It’s sure-fire proof that the mind/body connection is unbeatable when achieving and maintainin­g an erection and the results are remarkable” said Dr. Damaj.


• I’m ready to go

sexually and mentally. • More frequent erections in the night (while sleeping) and in the morning. I have seen a change in sexual desire. • Typically take 1 each morning and 1 each night. Great stamina results! • An increased intensity

in orgasms. • My focus (mental) has really improved… Huge improvemen­t. • Amazing orgasms! • I really did notice a great improvemen­t in my ability.


This is the first official public release of Vesele ® since its news release. In order to get the word out about Vesele ® , Innovus Pharma is offering special introducto­ry discounts to all who call.

A special phone hotline has been set up for readers in your area; to take advantage of special discounts during this ordering opportunit­y. Special discounts will be available starting today at 6:00am. The discounts will automatica­lly be applied to all callers. The Special TOLL-FREE Hotline number is 1-800-403-1312 and will be open 24-hours a day.

Only 300 bottles of Vesele ® are currently available in your region. Consumers who miss out on our current product inventory will have to wait until more become available. But this could take weeks. The maker advises your best chance is to call 1-800-403-1312 early.

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 ??  ?? New men’s pill overwhelms your senses with sexual desire as well as firmer, long-lasting erections. There’s never been anything like it before.
New men’s pill overwhelms your senses with sexual desire as well as firmer, long-lasting erections. There’s never been anything like it before.

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