Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Molecular gastronomy tips

- — Courtney Linder

Better science means better results. Try out these molecular gastronomy tips to up the ante in your own cooking.

• Whip egg whites in a copper bowl. As the whisk hits the side, microscopi­c pieces of copper break off and mix into the egg whites. Because copper binds sulfur groups in egg white proteins, the bowl keeps eggs glossy and firm but not grainy.

• Use acidic add-ons in foams and meringues. Cream of tartar, lemon juice and vinegar all stabilize air pockets.

• Make healthier brownies. Replace eggs and oil with Greek yogurt or applesauce, said Monique Hockman, who designed Carlow’s Molecular Gastronomy course. These will bind your dry ingredient­s well but without all the calories, she said.

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