Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Don’t believe phony promises about coal jobs


Really, Scott Pruitt? Western Pennsylvan­ians know enough to recognize when you are blowing (coal) dust when you declare that “the war on coal is done” (“EPA’s Pruitt Says He’ll Be a Friend to Coal,” April 14).

There never was a war on coal. The industry is in decline due to good old-fashioned American competitio­n from other sources of energy, led by an abundance of natural gas in this area and a steady decrease in the cost of solar and wind power, which are becoming the most economical choices for new electrical plants in many areas in the U.S. and internatio­nally.

The prospect of a worldwide shift to renewable energy, led by India and China instead of a shortsight­ed United States, makes the conclusion clear. Coal mining jobs are going the way of buggy-whip manufactur­ers. Instead of false promises of jobs in coal, people should look ahead to the rapidly growing job market in 21st-century energy.

And by the way, those new energy sources fit much better with the mandate of the Environmen­tal Protection Agency that Mr. Pruitt is charged with leading.

Wake up to the facts, Mr. Pruitt, and do your job right!



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