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Tax return charade


Donald Trump promised to release his tax returns during the campaign. He said once an audit was over he would. Well, presidents are audited each year. So he can keep this stalling up indefinite­ly.

But when he saw all those marches for the tax day protests, in which thousands were in the streets demanding he release his tax returns, he tweeted that since he “won the election” the people never cared about the tax returns.

Even though by huge margins people want to see the returns.

Think about it. Had Mr. Trump lost, no one would care about his tax returns. And now because he won, he says no one cares about the returns.

This shows he never intended to release them. It was all an act, a show, another lying politician promising to drain the swamp.

Those tax returns must have something juicy. I bet he’s not that rich. Maybe he’s in debt up to his eyeballs. Or maybe the Russians loaned him so much money he’s sweating bullets that they don’t sue him for the money.

I still think the tax returns will either be hacked and released or maybe find their way out of some leak from a congressio­nal investigat­ion.

Maybe WikiLeaks has them. Wouldn’t that be ironic?


Baldwin Borough

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