Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A war on health


During his visit to a Western Pennsylvan­ia coal mine on April 13, Scott Pruitt, head of the U.S. Environmen­tal Protection Agency, proclaimed “the war on coal is done” (“EPA’s Pruitt Says He’ll Be a Friend to Coal,” April 14). His war on public health and the environmen­t has only just begun.

Mr. Pruitt and the Trump administra­tion have made clear their decision to ally themselves with polluters while ignoring the needs of the American public and shirking the EPA’s responsibi­lity to protect human health and the environmen­t. The reckless slashing of the EPA budget will cost thousands of family-sustaining jobs while jeopardizi­ng the entire country’s air quality and decades of essential climate change research.

Pennsylvan­ians, and all Americans, deserve leadership that will reduce carbon dioxide and methane pollution, minimizing the already damaging effects of climate change. We must continue to call out Mr. Pruitt and the Trump administra­tion on every occasion power is abused to benefit the few at the cost of the health and lives of the many.


Executive Director Clean Air Council Philadelph­ia

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