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Uncle of inmate who hanged herself in jail seeks answers

- By Jonathan D. Silver

The uncle of Jamie Gettings, the woman who hanged herself in the Allegheny County Jail this week, acknowledg­ed Wednesday that his niece was troubled but said she should not have ended up dead.

“She has struggled with her demons for many years,” Mike Yanero wrote in an email to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “But I must say no matter what this young woman did as a crime you don't go to jail and end up dead. Not at the young age of 33. Jamie was a human being. A person. A mother. A daughter. A niece. Her life had value. She was not just a 'number' to be processed at the jail and punished.”

Ms. Gettings was discovered Tuesday hanging in her cell in the jail’s medical housing unit at 2:12 a.m. and pronounced dead 15 minutes later. The county medical

examiner’s office Wednesday ruled her death a suicide.

In light of that ruling and an investigat­ion that uncovered no criminalit­y, Allegheny County Police Superinten­dent Coleman McDonough said Wednesday that his agency’s involvemen­t was over.

“In this case, our investigat­ion coincides with the ruling of the Medical Examiner that Ms. Gettings’ death was a suicide by hanging. Ms. Gettings’ cell, located within the Medical Housing Unit, had been checked periodical­ly per jail protocols,” he said.

Ms. Gettings was in jail after being charged with escape for walking away from a residentia­l facility in February where she had been living after being accused of violating her probation in a 2013 criminal case. The violation stemmed from an arrest in January, when Mount Oliver police charged her with resisting arrest and having a crack pipe and empty stamp bags.

In an interview Tuesday, Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge David R. Cashman, the head of the Jail Oversight Board, said Warden Orlando Harper told him there were no red flags about Ms. Gettings having suicidal tendencies. He said she was by herself in a cell on the medical unit recovering from a hospitaliz­ation for a knee abscess.

“This is not acceptable. That shouldn’t happen,” Judge Cashman said of Ms. Gettings’ death. He then said, “If she decided that she’s going to do this, so be it. The people went and did their rounds, they checked on the inmates that were in there, and that’s when they found her. It’s not that they were checking to make sure somebody wasn’t going to hang themselves. ... When you consider that you’ve got 2,200 people in that jail, that’s a lot of people to go look at at any given point in time.”

Mr. Yanero called the judge’s remarks “cavalier” and “callous.”

“In my opinion, if a young lady that has been in and out of jail since January and was isolated in a solitary cell, I would think the powers to be had enough insight and common sense to realize that she just might try to harm herself,” Mr. Yanero wrote. “How pathetic.”

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