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American Airlines flight attendants get 1.6% pay raise


American Airlines flight attendants will get an additional 1.6 percent pay raise, an arbitratio­n panel ruled. The Fort Worth-based carrier and its flight attendants union, the Associatio­n of Profession­al Flight Attendants, had disagreed on how big the pay raise should be as part of a pay adjustment negotiated in a 2014 collective bargaining agreement. American said the pay adjustment should be based on Delta’s flight attendant wages that existed when the agreement was signed in 2014 and United Airlines’ new contract. Since it took United until mid2016 to negotiate a flight attendant contract, American gave flight attendants a 6 percent raise in the spring of 2016. American then planned to give flight attendants an additional 1.6 percent raise in September. However, the APFA argued that its

members’ pay should reflect Delta’s pay rates that went into effect in early 2016. The panel agreed with American’s formula.

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