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Punk band Carsicknes­s reunites, releases new compilatio­n


CAPA and plays in Standing Wave with Mr. Sciulli, who spent years playing ambient/New Age music in Life in Balance and is releasing a solo album this week.

“Archie is sailing the open ocean,” Mr. Sciulli says, so he’ll play the keyboard parts himself, and Paul Michael Ferraro, who remastered the album, will fill in on bass for Mr. Koenigsber­g, who left Pittsburgh in 1991 and is a software developer in Glendale, Calif.

Until now, Mr. Mullen, no fan of punk nostalgia, had been reluctant to do a Carsicknes­s reunion.

“It was just a couple years of my life,” he says. “It wasn’t the epicenter of my life. I didn’t want the nostalgia thing. It came, it went. It was what it was. It was of the moment. I don’t think it needs to be elevated to some sticker you put on your car like ‘I was there,’ like the school you went to. Some people like that. I don’t like that.”

But, he says, “Time passed. I don’t know why I had a change of heart.”

He arrives Thursday and has one day to rehearse the songs and see if he still sings in those keys.

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