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Gumball, FOOD bassist takes the lead in The Full Counts


and Gumball’s Don Fleming, adding some guitar leads.

“It’s kind of crazy what you can do now with internet, software and emails,” he says of Mr. Fleming’s contributi­on. “He’s been so tied up in so many projects, like being the director of the Alan Lomax Archives, putting together the new Lou Reed Archives at New York Public Library, and producing the music for the ‘Vinyl’ series on HBO, not to mention other new music.”

In other words, a Gumball reunion is not in the offing at the moment.

“Gumball hasn’t ever gotten back together to play as a band. We’re all still good friends. There’s been talk of it, but I don’t know if it will ever actually happen or not. None of us live anywhere near each other, but that never stopped us before. It’s kind of nice that we’ve all been focused on doing new projects, and making new things happen, rather than just leaning on the old days, but you never know. Those guys are all great, and I’m sure it would be a blast to turn on the amps and rock out with them again.”

The Full Counts release show is at Brillobox, Bloomfield, at 10 p.m. Saturday with A.T.S. and The Spectres; www.brilloboxp­gh.com.


Steubenvil­le, Ohio, band Spinning Jenny — consisting of sisters Julia (20), Talia (16) and Angelina Balzano (15) and their dad John — won the Diesel Rock-Off Battle of the Bands competitio­n in September, earning them a package that included studio time.

Now, Spinning Jenny, which formed in 2011 at a family reunion and released the debut album “Outside the Lines” in 2014, swings back through Pittsburgh with a new release, “Hey Jenny,” sporting crunchy guitars, shoutalong choruses and sibling harmonies.

They will play their first Pittsburgh headlining show at Diesel, South Side, at 7 p.m. Saturday with The Brighton Boys and The Semi-SuperVilla­ins; www.spinningje­nny.com.

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