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Megan McCrady

Fox Chapel lacrosse

- — By Sarah K. Spencer

The past week: McCrady scored nine goals in Fox Chapel’s win against rival Shady Side Academy, moving the Foxes 9-0. She has scored 39 goals so far this season. Check this out: The Fox Chapel senior committed to Georgetown in the fall of her sophomore year. What’s allowed you guys to have consistent success this season? I think it’s different this year because we have talent all across the field. We’re a pretty young team which is awesome for the future of this program, and I think that one of the difference­s this year as compared to our play in previous years is that we play a full 50 minutes. We get a lead and we stay on it, we don’t let teams back in, so I think that’s been a major component of our success this year. If it’s a young team, do you step up as a leader? What potential do you see in the younger girls around you? It’s awesome to sort of take that leadership position and work with the younger girls, knowing we’ve got some really great freshmen. That being said, we do have a lot of really great older talent as well. Our senior class is pretty strong talentwise, and we’ve got some really great junior players as well. It’s kind of all across the board. What’s something people would be surprised to know about you? Probably the fact that I’m a huge reader. Whenever I tell people about that they’re like “Seriously? You have time to do that?” And I’m like, after lacrosse at night, all I do is read. So that’s probably the thing that might be shocking to people, I’m kind of a book nerd. What is your favorite book? I have this interest in the 18th and 19th century. People are like, what the heck? But I absolutely love Gone With the Wind. It’s such a geeky thing, but it’s my all-time favorite book and movie. When did you start playing lacrosse, and what made you

stick with it? I probably started back in third grade, and actually my dad played lacrosse at Michigan State, and my mom played field hockey there. So we’ve always sort of grown up in this very competitiv­e athletic environmen­t, which was awesome for us growing up. So it was sort of a given for us to play sports because our parents were so athletic as well.

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