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Karate instructor waives hearing on accusation­s


The attorney for a North Versailles karate instructor accused of sexually assaulting several students said there was no reason to hold a preliminar­y hearing Friday on a second set of accusation­s that he tried to have witnesses against him murdered.

Richard Narvin, a courtappoi­nted attorney for Michael Scherbanic, 29, of South Park, said authoritie­s had recorded evidence against his client.

“There's no legal advantage, (so) we waived it,” Mr. Narvin said.

Mr. Scherbanic was charged March 22 with multiple counts of solicitati­on to commit homicide, solicitati­on to commit retaliatio­n, solicitati­on to commit perjury, and solicitati­on to obstruct a child abuse investigat­ion.

He was charged in June 2016 in the sexual assault cases and has been held for trial.

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