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Progressiv­e thinking is required for arena site


I applaud the Post-Gazette’s front-page news “Penguins Ready to Start Project at Civic Arena Site” (April 20) — but, wait, haven’t I heard this before? I read on to find that it was merely a letter of intent, coupled with another six-month delay granted to the Penguins organizati­on. In propaganda terms I call that “passing from the acceptable to the dubious.”

If we’re serious about developing the Lower Hill, we must stop thinking of it as an island by which access through it is perfunctor­y. Once the incentive of cheap parking is eliminated, Pittsburgh­ers will not trek up the hill to have lunch or go bowling without easy access (unless there’s a Penguins game).

The city is currently planning a bus rapid transit project through an already congested Fifth Avenue corridor in Uptown to connect Oakland and Downtown more efficientl­y. The two projects need not be mutually exclusive.

Let’s pretend for a moment that our city leaders are 21stcentur­y progressiv­e thinkers. Imagine a subway line connecting the Steel Plaza station, traveling under Centre Avenue, through the Middle Hill, over to Oakland, either above or below ground, along Fifth Avenue to the East End. This would not only spur developmen­t along the way, it would solve the slow connection between the city’s two main commerce centers (all Pittsburgh­ers would benefit), and the Hill would once again emerge as a vibrant, connected neighborho­od — no longer ignored or appeased with a promise for a few low-income housing units. We deserve better. GARY CRAVENER Hill District

And I wondered: What will Donald Trump leave behind him that could make people feel a dignified, quiet sense of being happy to have known him, happy that he made the lives of those around them a little happier, a little better? I wondered what we would think of a contemptib­le person who lied on any issue, talked about molesting women like an oversexed frat boy and insulted anyone who disagreed with him? What can one think of one who is sworn to protect and defend the Constituti­on yet acts in such political and personal ways as to bring the U.S. into contempt and scorn and ridicule by the outside world?

Of Lincoln, it was said that he reunited a wounded country and tried to bring it back to health. Of Trump, I fear that it will be said that he found a healthy country, despite its faults, but left it wounded and bleeding with fear, hatred and suspicion of its own neighbors and now held in contempt by a world that had once respected it. MYRON TAUBE

Squirrel Hill

What happened in the “No Spin Zone”? The April 20 frontpage article “O’Reilly Out at Fox News, Denies Harassment Claims” describes the action Fox News took to fire Mr. O’Reilly.

I often watched Mr. O’Reilly’s nightly program. He would interrupt and belittle

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others if they were spinning a story.

From the accounts in the media and the payoffs by Mr. O’Reilly and Fox News, it appears that the harassment actions actually took place. It is refreshing to see Fox News finally take the responsibl­e action against Mr. O’Reilly. He vehemently denies the allegation­s.

It is ironic that after 20 years of hosting the “No Spin Zone,” Bill O’Reilly would be the final one to spin a story. BOB VINCENT

Upper St. Clair

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