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– OWL: Foe’s Win-Loss mark be­fore game is played, PF-PA: Points scored for and against, SU: Out­right win or loss of game, Line: Game’s CLOS­ING line, ATS: Win or loss of game against the pointspread, O/U: Fi­nal Over/Un­der to­tal and re­sult, OYP: Of­fen­sive yards per play, OFR: Of­fen­sive rush yards, OFP: Of­fen­sive pass yards, OYD: To­tal of­fen­sive yards gained, DYD: To­tal de­fen­sive yards al­lowed, DFP: De­fen­sive pass yards, DFR: De­fen­sive rush yards, DYP: De­fen­sive yards per play, RES: A for­mu­lated Re-Score of the game based strictly on ac­tual yardage gained and al­lowed, F-A: ‘F’ shows to­tal num­ber of turnovers com­mit­ted by sub­ject team; ‘A’ shows to­tal turnovers com­mit­ted by op­po­nent. Note: A red check mark at the left of the log box in­di­cates the team out­gained its op­po­nent.

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