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If there is one thing that can ruin a qual­ity shirt, it is a cheap plas­tic but­ton. The but­tons are a tes­ta­ment to qual­ity. We only work with the most ex­clu­sive ma­te­ri­als, de­liv­ered from the best pro­duc­ers in Aus­tralia. A but­ton made out of mother-of-pearl is 100 times more ex­pen­sive than a plas­tic but­ton. They are a tes­ta­ment of qual­ity and I re­ally like the lus­ter of them.

But there are other things that make the shirt per­fect. Take the but­ton holes for ex­am­ple. They need to be thor­oughly stitched, to make them sturdy and sus­tain­able. The dis­tance be­tween the but­ton holes can’t be too long, we don’t want the belly to fall out. When stitch­ing the but­ton, we add a small ”neck” to it, which makes the fab­ric less strained and the shirt fall beau­ti­fully.

As for col­lar stays, it is a mat­ter of taste. In most for­mal shirts they are sewn in to the col­lar. In other styles we have re­mov­able stays, but I tend to throw them out on my softer shirts. Again, we want to be cor­rect, but not too cor­rect. Be­fore we de­liver our shirts, we al­ways iron them and pack them by hand.

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