The world’s most renowned tai­lors have de­vel­oped an el­e­gant and flat­ter­ing style.

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The Floren­tine style is best de­scribed as el­e­gant and with a flat­ter­ing fit. This style is a prod­uct of the well-to-do classical re­nais­sance city where art and culture flour­ish along­side its history. The city is rich in many ways and the tra­di­tion of crafts­man­ship is ever present. Tus­cany’s cap­i­tal is the fo­cal point of Italy when it comes to leather and qual­ity shoes, pos­sess­ing more renowned shoemakers in the city than any­where else in the coun­try. In addition you’ll find some of the world’s most prom­i­nent tai­lors here, whose local style is dis­tin­guish­able a mile off. Liver­ano is at the top of the list and thanks to a bit of help from Mark Cho and The Ar­moury he’s gained rock-star sta­tus in well-dressed cir­cles. The hefty price tag seems to have done lit­tle to stop style con­nois­seurs from all over the world trav­el­ling to Antonio Liver­ano’s stu­dio in cen­tral Florence.

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