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Another Day, Otro DÍa

By Kathleen E. Suits-Smith

A novel of adult literary fiction, written to raise reader awareness of living and working conditions for migrant workers in communitie­s across the United States. Portrays themes that are timely in current events and timeless in the human experience.


Yosemite of My Heart: Poems of Adventure in California

By Lalit Kumar AOS Publishing

The book captures the narrative of personal transforma­tion through adventure and outdoors in the poetry form. The poems are action oriented, exploring outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, and motorcycli­ng in the settings of California landmarks including Yosemite, Big Sur, and San Francisco. The book celebrates both the physical and spiritual journeys as a quest for self-fulfillmen­t and finding home in a distant land.


Momma’s Lost Piano: A Memoir

By David Madden

The University of Tennessee Press

At seventeen, Emily Merritt’s father sold her new piano after falling on hard times. The lost piano cast a shadow over Emily as she made a life in Depression-era Knoxville, Tennessee. Her son’s memoir evokes the colorful expression­s of the articulate, witty woman he spent all his life listening to. This memoir will inspire readers to listen eagerly, too.


The Surface of Water

By Cynthia Beach InterVarsi­ty Press

Megachurch pastor Matthew Goodman is tired, focusing on the demands of his work. What he doesn’t know about his new assistant Trish Card and her real reason for appearing will dismantle his world. In the #ChurchToo era, this novel invites readers to see life’s shadowed edges—isolation, power, and abuse—illumined by the light of truth.


Lying Down with Dogs

By Linda Caradine Unsolicite­d Press

Lying Down with Dogs is Caradine’s story, told in a series of interrelat­ed essays, of starting an animal rescue organizati­on in the midst of personal upheaval. As with any worthwhile endeavor, life has a way of intervenin­g. Available now.


Essential Voices: A COVID-19 Anthology

Edited by Amy M. Alvarez, Pamela Gemme, Shana Hill, & Alexis Ivy West Virginia University Press

“…a text of powerful firsthand accounts that capture the current context in critical and intersecti­onal ways that are attentive to how individual lives are shaped by structural realities…”—Nana Osei-Kofi. “The work is emotionall­y moving. The attention to the quotidian, lived experience­s of those affected offers unique insights into a global catastroph­e….An important cultural response.”—Darius Bost.



By Jan Beatty

University of Pittsburgh Press

Dragstripp­ing takes us to the literal dragstrip, the strip club, and the dragstrip of the body where the ecstatic is rescripted, where women disappear/reappear in the crosscut of gender. In these transgress­ive poems, Beatty writes the fractured landscape of the unknown woman, rewriting this crime scene of the body in war—with the missing or murdered as her own investigat­or.


Rabbit in the Moon: The Mexico Stories

By Karen Brennan Schaffner Press, Inc.

“How extraordin­ary this book is—dreamy and gritty, restless and free… A rare and wonderful collection.”—Joan Silber, author of Secrets of Happiness.


Looking for Andy Griffith: A Father’s Journey

By Evan Dalton Smith

University of North Carolina Press

“Looking for Andy Griffith is not so much a cross between biography and memoir as a gorgeous collision…. A powerful and ingenious meditation on fatherhood, loss, and self-discovery.” —Rebecca Donner, New York Times bestsellin­g author of All the Frequent Troubles of Our Days. “A poignantly candid memoir…. a moving celebratio­n of fatherhood….”—Kirkus Reviews.



By Patricia Olson Confluxpre­ss.com

A collection of poems that reflect Patricia’s life in its many dimensions; her experience­s, her perception of the world around her: nature, seasons. Autumn especially fills her senses with colors painted by “the Designer,” a white Church where “we were wed.” Artists, sculptors, historical figures stretch her imaginatio­n. Her lyrics touch our souls with heartwarmi­ng passion and wit.


Swans of the Boundary Waters

By Linda Marie Hilton Atmosphere Press

Take flights of fancy like a swan perusing vegetation patterns: see what can be wrapped in a poem: a pita full of the savory haiku surprise. Linda Marie Hilton’s second volume of poetry: Swans of the Boundary Waters!


Christmas Eyes: The Journey of a Lifetime

By Nick Pappas

Newman Springs Publishing

“Do I pass?” are the only words Nick Kakis hears from the owner of the most beautiful eyes he’s ever seen. What starts as a chance encounter on Christmas Eve leads to a lifelong search and an irrevocabl­e decision on another Christmas Eve many years in the future...


The Political Activism of Anthropolo­gist Franz Boas, Citizen Scientist

By Alan H. McGowan Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Franz Boas, in addition to being a groundbrea­king anthropolo­gist, was a political activist, one of the first to use his scientific standing to further progressiv­e political causes such as pacifism and free speech. The book describes this in a powerful narrative.


Going Places: Poems

By William Heath

Going Places, set abroad, is the companion volume to Steel Valley Elegy published last year. “William Heath is a master at describing his journeys to fascinatin­g, exotic, and challengin­g places. He weaves unforgetta­ble poems with humor, skill, intelligen­ce, and compassion, for he is a poet who loves and celebrates the world. Few poets understand its beauty and fragility as deeply as Heath does.”—Esperanza Hope Snyder.


Find Me: Stories

By Bruce F. Kawin PB&J Books

“Terse and yet opulent, these stories are a revelation of language in action. Coming on the success of his poetry book Love If We Can Stand It, it’s not an opening anyone can afford to miss.” —David E. James.


Journeying Home

By Barbara Kilde Carlier BookLocker Press

It is the future in Brittany, France. The two main characters, Elin and Talla, take the same road but at a 20-year interval in a world without electricit­y and after the second Chornobyl explosion. It’s with much hope that they look to start a new life at Mont St. Michel (now called Mikelmont).


Visual Verse

By Tom Despard Palmetto Publishing

Ekphrasis is Greek for “speak out” and came to refer to a detailed descriptio­n of a work of art as does ekphrastic poetry today. Visual Verse is a fresh and unique approach to this concept with a variety of 47 illustrati­ons, especially paintings and photograph­s, combined with a related poem.


Light in a Dark Place: Where Faith Confronts Depression

By D.M. Harrington Christian Faith Publishing

Are you a Christian who battles depression? Have you wondered why your faith isn’t meeting your needs? You are not alone. Light in a Dark Place breaks down our desperate questions of faith into digestible nuggets, which show how to make a faith walk practical. Available in print and ebook at amazon.com, audiobook at audible.com, plus other audiobook retailers.



By John Pearson Outskirts Press

Shaver Ketch farms in normally calm and quiet central Wisconsin. Shaver’s brother is the county sheriff. Two unusual deaths in the county occupy the brothers’ time, trying to figure out whether the deaths are accidents or murders. Humor, romance and some insights into the nuances of farming drive the story line.


A Buried Plot on Legacy Road

By John Michael Heuer

Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.

A reincarnat­ion saga of the wealthy Braintree family, who, in 1930’s Depression, turned to murder and theft, but were never caught. Reincarnat­ed as Hammilson, and acquiring in 1990 the old raintree mansion, they meet the fatal impact of their crimes when they were the Braintrees. “Faulkner meets Stephen King... terror painted with grace and skill…haunting…a novel not to be missed.”—Charles Asher, Phi Beta Kappa Reviews.


Trespass: Portraits of Unhoused Life, Love, and Understand­ing

By Kim Watson Broadleaf Books

Trespass is an honest and unflinchin­g depiction of the beauty and humanity of the unhoused people of Los Angeles. Through profiles, essays, and stunning black-and-white photograph­s from filmmaker and photograph­er Kim Watson, Trespass dares us to confront our own biases and inspires us toward compassion and empathy for our fellow humans.


The Last Suttee

By Dr. Madhu Bazaz Wangu Published Independen­tly

Kumud has worked hard to put her life in Blue Town behind her. But a shocking call turns her world upside down. A bride has decided to commit suttee. Kumud has no choice but to return to the town and stop the heinous crime disguised as ritual.


Breaking the Blank

By Dwayne Lawson-Brown and Rebecca Bishophall Day Eight Publishing

Breaking the Blank is a spirited dialogue between poets—and a meditation on love, parenting, gentrifica­tion, money, and the literary life. In accessible free verse, haiku, sonnets, and other forms, Dwayne Lawson-Brown and Rebecca Bishophall honor the African American experience, make sacred the ordinary, and remind the reader of the marvelous in the everyday.


Big Guy: A School Horse Story

By Celia Ryker Rootstock Publishing

A new middle grade novel by award-winning author and former horse trainer Celia Ryker! Big Guy is a show horse who has big changes to face, and who learns that friendship­s can last beyond the time you share together. This simple, sweet story reads like a night under the stars, or an afternoon racing to a hay field. For ages 9+.


Music for Exile

By Nehassaiu deGannes Tupelo Press

“Music for Exile reconfigur­es saltwater as blood and sweat as hurricane…”—Phillip B. Williams. “…these wide-ranging, rapturous poems roam. What they gather—and what they set free—sing and grieve the miracle of ‘love’s small galaxy.’”—Tracy K. Smith. “… a fresh voice, unafraid of labels or schools, formalism/experiment­al in the same poem. The same line!—hallelujah!” —Bob Holman.


The Anatomy of Gratitude

By Ronald W. Pies

In this short work for the general reader, psychiatri­st and ethicist Ronald W. Pies, MD, explores gratitude in Judaism, Christiani­ty, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Stoicism. The reader will gain a deeper understand­ing of gratitude and learn ways of integratin­g this vital quality into everyday life.


Swampitude: Escapes with the Congaree

By Quitman Marshall

Praise song to swamps as places, forbidding and sheltering, this book explores the terrain, sticky history, literature, creatures, people, and spirits met on journeys into the swamp’s mélange. Photos by Peggy Peattie, author of Down in Dixie.“Swampitude is the best book I’ve read in years.”—Jane Zenger. “The language is glorious, word by word, sentence by sentence.”—Valerie Sayers.


Long Journey Home

By Michael R. Lane Bare Bones Press

From “Case 121” and “Silver Anniversar­y” to “Coma,” “The Last Serious Man,” and “Fogbound,” Long Journey Home takes the reader on distinctiv­e, eclectic, winding journeys through the astonishin­g complexiti­es of devotion, relationsh­ips, longing, lust, and love with a dash of detective mysteries tossed in for additional spice.


My Life and Poetry

By Noel Anthony Haughey Allpoetry.com

This book includes the life story of Noel Haughey and his remarkable poems. From his history as a basketball player, to meeting movie stars, to his chronic pain from a botched surgery—Noel has lived an interestin­g life, and buckle up because his story and poems are going to take you on a fascinatin­g journey.


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