Popular Mechanics (USA)



Price: $20

RoverTac’s 12-in-1 initially caught our eye because users on Amazon rated it 4.5 stars, and it lands decidedly on the less expensive end of the spectrum. While it might be a little bulky and hefty, it has good capability for the price. We don’t expect the 12-in-1 to hold up to heavy use—it’s better suited for light duty and the “save your butt” role when you’re in need of a tool. The long-nosed pliers worked well, as did the wire stripper, and the wire cutter earned four out of five points. The can opener, bottle opener, and various screwdrive­rs performed decently. RoverTac claims the tool includes a saw blade, but it’s more like a serrated knife, which worked, just not great. The plain knife blade was sharper than it looked and easily cut through rope and twine. A nice convenienc­e is the sewn nylon sheath to attach the 12-in-1 to your belt.

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