Popular Mechanics (USA)



Price: $70

The SOG Powerlock’s calling card is that it can be opened with one hand and is very comfortabl­e to hold. The 18 tools include five for fastening: three flat-head screwdrive­r sizes, one Phillips, and a quarter-inch square drive to accept sockets. True needle-nose pliers are machined down to a nice point, and the jaws meet very tightly and accurately, which made it easy to grip small things. The wire cutter and stripper also worked very well, earning a 4.75 for the pliers. Most of the other tools performed up to snuff. The partially serrated knife blade was very sharp and cut easily. And the saw blade was a nice surprise— the aggressive teeth made quick work of maple tree branches. We liked the simple locking system, yet fishing the tools out from under the frame cover occasional­ly proved awkward.

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