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Price: $105

Fresh out of the box, the SwissTool Spirit X impressed us with its fit and finish. With the exception of the pliers, the 22 tools deploy from the outside of the frame, saving time. (For the record, the company claims 24 tools, but one is a coupling for a corkscrew that doesn’t come included with this model, and the other is a point to connect a lanyard.) And everything worked well.

We didn’t expect much from the saw teeth running along the edge of the metal file, but they were pleasantly capable when cutting through mild steel hardware. And the file itself did a nice job cleaning up the edges when we were done. The Phillips screwdrive­r shank flares out at the end, so that all four points on the head are the same size, making for solid engagement. The wire stripper and scraper both work effectivel­y; although we usually resort to using wire cutters for stripping, this open-sided notch is sharp enough that we could quickly spin it around a wire and pull back the insulation.

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