Popular Mechanics (USA)



Price: $107

A multitool in the Swiss Army Knife tradition, the RangerGrip is essentiall­y a pocketknif­e with handy fold-out gadgets. True to its name, the tool’s size provides plenty of purchase for a firm hold, aided by textured rubber inserts on the sides. Compared to most multitools, the RangerGrip has a massive blade, at four inches—combined with the body that fills the hand, this let us effectivel­y cut and saw through tough materials. While both the can and bottle openers worked well, the wire stripper on the bottle opener blade wasn’t sharp enough to cut through the insulation. This wasn’t an issue, because we found the wire cutter to be effective at stripping anyway. The last of the notable fold-out tools is an awl-reamer combo, for emergency repairs to things like leather or vinyl; the sharpened side can enlarge or even drill holes in wood with a little twisting back and forth. Finally, like many Victorinox products, there’s a toothpick and tweezers embedded in the handle.

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