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Price: $110

Gerber set out to solve two main issues with multitool screwdrive­rs: lack of length for reaching into tight spaces, and the off-center alignment. The Center-Drive was the answer. It has a three-inch hexbit driver which, when folded out, aligns with the center of the tool, making spinning easier and preventing the frame from banging into the side of what you’re working on with every rotation. If you have to screw or drive fasteners often, you’ll love this. While there’s a bit holder in the tool, the sheath has a separate pouch for holding extras. The other unusual feature is the slide-out pliers, with replaceabl­e three-sided blades for the wire cutter. We did notice a little play in the pliers and sliding mechanism—costing it some points. Both plain and serrated knife blades were quite sharp and capable of carving and cutting into wood and branches. Other than the plain knife and driver, the other tools require sliding open the pliers and pulling them out from between the handles, which can be a pain.

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