Popular Mechanics (USA)



Price: $90

If cutting through wood is important to you, the Wave+ is your multi. Its saw blade drew cleanly through maple branches and scrap 2 x 3-inch lumber. The cutting edge is wider than the trailing edge, so as the blade slices into something, the sides don’t drag. Second in the 18 functions are the needle-nose pliers, which taper to a fairly fine point for grip in tight spaces. Kudos to Leatherman for the replaceabl­e cutting edges for the wire cutters. These are effective on fine telephone wire and 12-gauge copper wire, as well as harder steel baling wire. Of the two files, we found the diamond-coated one specifical­ly worked very well for fine jobs, like smoothing burrs on metal edges. The Wave+ has two screwdrive­rs, one large and one small. The bits on both are reversible, with standard and Phillips tips—the smaller ones are ideal for eyeglass repair.

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