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Price: $99

SOG’s PowerAcces­s Assist MT has easier opening mechanisms than almost any other multitool we’ve used. Springs aid in deploying the implements, reducing effort to pull them out and making them pop. Unfolding and using the pliers was remarkably smooth, too—right out of the box we were able to flick them open with just one hand. While the PowerAcces­s Assist MT comes with 21 functions, we found its strength lies in driving fasteners and gripping and cutting with the pliers. We preferred to use the quarter-inch hex driver, centered in the plier end of the closed tool body, over the fold-out screwdrive­rs. Driving fasteners was easier and quicker with the hex driver because of that balanced spinning around the center axis. The needle-nose pliers come to a nice, fine point, with tight ridges on the jaws that enabled us to firmly grab and loosen small, stripped screw heads. Although there are a couple of redundanci­es, the PowerAcces­s Assist MT is a well-rounded multitool, with a broad range of applicatio­ns.

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