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Packed weight: 5 lb. 13 oz. Floor space: 31.8 sq. ft. Peak height: 3 ft. 8 in. Doors: 2

The new Aurora is for people who mostly stick to developed campground­s in the frontcount­ry and might go backpackin­g once or twice a year, though it will weigh you down some when you do. The full-coverage fly has two roof vents, and because they’re on the sides instead of the top, we left them open in a rainstorm and didn’t wake up to a sopping-wet tent. Both vestibule flaps roll up if you don’t need the weather protection or the privacy. We had concerns with the fly, though, which was slightly too large. Attaching it to the ridge pole with the inadequate connectors was finicky, leading to some frustratio­n when we were pairing the two parts; we would hook one side on only to have it fall off when we moved to the other. We recommend staking out guylines if you’ll be camping in windy or rainy weather. On the plus side, NEMO includes a compatible footprint.

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