Popular Mechanics (USA)




Packed weight: 18 lb. 6 oz. Floor space: 69.4 sq. ft. Peak height: 6 ft. 3 in. Doors: 2

The Kingdom is one of the most spacious four-person tents you can find. Tall, circular doors and vertical walls allowed us to enter and stand inside without crouching. And the nearly 70 square feet of floor space meant we could spread out when we slept or legitimate­ly fit a party of four within the tent. Gear storage abounds with 20 mesh pockets, including several overhead that can fit a headlamp or other small camp light. Keep in mind that this is an 18-plus-pound beast with a steep cost, best left to campsites you can roll up to in a car. Although the Kingdom was less straightfo­rward to pitch than a simple dome tent, it helped that the sections of the main support poles branch off of a central hub. And when bad weather rolled in, the Kingdom remained standing and (almost) impervious; during a night of severe thundersto­rms and high winds, only a nominal amount of water got through the nearly full-coverage rain fly.

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