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Packed weight: 7 lb. 10 oz. Floor space: 35 sq. ft. Peak height: 4 ft. Doors: 1

Weekend warriors racing sundown to set camp on Fridays after work will appreciate how quickly they can pitch the new Skydome. This car-camping tent was easy to construct because of the attached main support poles (though that presented a challenge when it was time to pack up). All we had to do was connect the segments, slide the ends into their opposite corners, and secure the tent body to the poles with snap-on clips, which we prefer over the more traditiona­l pole sleeves. And thanks to the 1,000-denier polyethyle­ne floor, we didn’t have to fuss with laying down a tarp. The oval door felt a little low, but it’s very wide and almost completely unzips, which lent enough room to get ourselves and our gear in and out. Because the walls are steeper than a classic dome, the interior has a comfortabl­e amount of headroom. The mesh paneling on the walls, which prevented the Skydome from feeling stuffy, are a nice touch. But because the fly doesn’t have vents, we did notice some condensati­on on the inside of the door come morning.

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