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Price: $4,699 (Queen) Return Policy: 90 nights (shipping cost may apply) Warranty: 10 years

With incredible cooling tech and support, the latest Tempur-Pedic is almost icy to the touch—the company claims the material feels up to eight degrees cooler than its other foam options. The ventilated foam seems firm at first but compresses to provide support that makes you feel weightless— not surprising, given that Tempur-Pedic based it foam feels less spongy and bouncy than some cheaper mattresses. To help bring your temperatur­e down, the Mint gets gel beads and graphite. They do a fair job, but on materials first developed by the anti-gravity geniuses at NASA. This one impressed with its incredible support and high-quality constructi­on. It's an expensive mattress, to be sure, but our tester reported falling asleep faster and having a more restful slumber throughout their time on it. they don’t cool as well as more expensive models like the Tempur-Pedic. Still, the plush feel, quality constructi­on, and ease of ordering make this a budget-minded option.

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