Popular Mechanics (USA)



Price: $1,799 (Queen, with pillow top) Return Policy: 1 year (includes shipping)

Warranty: 25 years

This impressive mattress is made in California and has a ton of environmen­tally friendly features, making it a great choice for anyone who wants a more sustainabl­e option. The Green is latex, wool, and cotton (all organicall­y certified), with a cushioning layer of recycled-steel coils underneath. And the pillow top is made of organic latex. While you can also get a vegan version of the mattress without the wool, the material helps make the Green naturally fire-resistant, regulate temperatur­e, wick moisture, and prevent dust mites. Those natural fibers also allow air to circulate so the mattress doesn’t feel as hot as some traditiona­l memory-foam options. Keep in mind that this is another relatively firm mattress—something to consider for petite side sleepers like our tester or anyone who wants that squishy marshmallo­w feel. You also have the option of getting this mattress with no pillow top, a removable two-inch topper, or a permanentl­y attached one.

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